Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why I Hate Bodybuilders

American society doesn’t need to look any further than body builders, as proof that our civilization is doomed. Since when did tripling in size and spray painting your body orange make you attractive? The body building industry has made billions on selling hormones, supplements and enhancers (also known as STEROIDS.) These companies are legal drug pushers, selling consumers the promise of a tone and fit body sans the trouble of actually having to work out.

                Getting your body rock hard and chiseled doesn’t make you look healthy, it makes you look retarded. A bloated, lumbering Neanderthal with bleached blonde hair and a tribal tattoo - and that’s supposed to be the epitome of fitness? Its hilarious how body builders think that bulking up somehow makes them athletic. Do Olympic athletes look anything like bodybuilders? Fuck no.  Because Olympic athletes are actually healthy – not swollen frat boys with a protein shake in one hand and a pair of shrunken testicles in the other. Comparing the body building industry to the Olympics would be the equivalent of letting Michael Bay direct “Schindlers List.” 

Body building is a soul-less hobby, which is exactly why it attracts people that are void of personality. These are grown adults that continue to take muscle building supplements even when the known side effects are erosion of the brain. But what use do body builders have for a brain? These non-homosexual homosexuals that stare in lust at other men’s bodies all day have no use for decision-making skills. These warped and grotesque Frankenstein’s walk around condescendingly, like everyone who doesn’t look like them is lazy. Ever wonder what it’s like to be chemically lobotomized? Stop by your local gym and ask a body builder.  

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